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This area operates and everyone rides at his or her own risk under KRS 411.190 and KRS 148.795. Know your limitations and do not exceed your capabilities or your vehicles capabilities.

#1. A permit sticker must be on all vehicles entering the area. Vehicle I.D. card must be carried with yearly permits.
#2. Helmets are required pursuant to KRS 189.515. Protective gear including, but not limited to those items listed by the manufacturer and the ATV safety institute are strongly recommended.
#3. Consumption of ALCOHOL while or before operating a motorized vehicle is not permitted. No one is allowed to possess any illegal substances including, but not limited to, drugs and explosives within the area.
#4. Firearms are prohibited. No hunting permitted.
#5. Litter laws are strictly enforced. Pack it in, Pack it out.
#6. There will be no toleration for fighting. 
#7. Do not remove or destroy trees, shrubs, plants or animals. Do not feed animals including, but not limited to bears.
#8. The recreation board is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal property or injury to visitors.
#9. Citizens band radio channels 3 and 4 will be the community channels.
#10. All operators and passengers of cars, trucks, buggies, etc., designated for on or off road use must wear safety belts while vehicle is being operated. Infants and children must be restrained in legally required child safety seats.
#11. All off road vehicle drivers and riders should follow the manufacture�s safe operating procedures. Please be sure that your ORV has the appropriate equipment needed to operate on the rough terrain in the area.
#12. An adult should be with and supervise minors at all times.
#13. Be courteous of other drivers and Area employees on and off the trails.
#14. All vehicles must operate in a manner to avoid incidents and/or accidents while in the Area.
#15. No glass containers are allowed in the Area.
#16. Stay on existing trails. Do not blaze new trails. Stay within the boundaries of Area and away from posted areas.
#17. All riders should use designated entrances only.
#18. All vehicles must have front and rear lights while driving at night.
#19. Vehicles attempting level 5 trails must have a full roll cage and occupants must have on HELMETS.
#20. Camping, campsites and campfires must be in designated areas only. Firewood must be deadwood only.
#21. The board must approve all special events including vendors.
#22. Pets should be on a leash at all times.
#23. Vehicles should travel in groups of 2 or more, except in emergency situations.
#24. The terrain is constantly changing. Check each hill. Ride all trails with caution.
#25. Non-operative vehicles should be moved to the side of the trails and attended to immediately.
#26. Failure to comply with the above rules, regulations and safe operating procedures may result in arrest, fines, temporary or permanent banning from using the area or participating in any future area activities or events.


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