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Are there restrooms/shower houses on the trails?
Currently there are three port-o-johns located at the zipline building and next to the general store.


Is camping available on the park? 

There are designated campgrounds all throughout the park. They are primitive and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations required. The cost is $20.00 per spot per night. 


Is double riding permitted? 

We ask that you ride according to the owner's manual for your vehicle and it's safety operating procedures. However, it is ride at your own risk. 


Can I ride into town on my offroad vehicle? 

Yes, but this is permitted ONLY in the City of Evarts.  The City of Evarts has an ATV friendly ordinance and all offroad vehicles are allowed on the highways as long as you stay within the city limits and obey all traffic laws. 


Are helmets required? 

Helmets are required on all ATV's, no exceptions. 

Helmets are not required on side by sides, unless you are riding throughout town and then they are required. 


Can I purchase a trail map in advance? 

Yes, you may call the office during business hours and purchase a map over the phone by credit or debit card. The cost of the map is $5.00 plus shipping/handling.

Do you offer ATV/Side by Side rentals? 

No, we do not. 












What is a zipline?
A zipline is a suspended cable rigged to allow a harnessed rider to travel between two trees or platforms. All of our ziplines are built with tested, aircraft quality 1/2 inch steel cables. 

What is a canopy tour?
A canopy tour is a zipline that has been installed in a forest and utilizes trees and natural elements combined with manmade structures to elevate and give comfortable standing areas in the trees. Canopy tours give riders a close contact with local terrain and give more adventure to their experience. 

Who can take a tour?
Most people can qualify for a tour. Cooperative children under 65 pounds can be tandemed with a guide but not a parent. There may be surcharges applied for extra guides. Children weighing 65 pounds and over will be able to ride most if not all the lines on their own. Tandem guide rides are available on these also, as long as the harness fits properly. The maximum weight limit for the zipline is 250 pounds. Certain body types may make fitting and wearing a harness impossible. All participants should be of average mobility and strength. If you are pregnant, have heart trouble, back problems, recent surgery, casts, or any other conditions that may prevent you from participating in a adventure sport we recommend not riding. Certain mental conditions should also be considered, as this is an interactive sport and requires concentration and the ability to follow instructions. Extreme fear of heights or panic attacks could be factors to consider. Be safe!

How long does a tour last?
Tour times vary depending on the number of participants in a tour. A maximum of ten people can participate in a tour. A full tour of 10 people will last approximately 2 to 3 hours. Smaller groups will take less time. 

What should I wear?
You will need to wear close-toed shoes (tennis shoes are recommended). Wear comfortable clothing, but please avoid loose clothing (no scarves, etc.). Long hair needs to be tied back. Women should not wear skirts. Short shorts are not recommended, as they are not comfortable while wearing your harness. Dress for the weather forecasted. Please do not wear any dangling jewelry. Also, please remove all things from your pockets, such as cell phones and wallets. You don't want them falling out during the tour. 

Are there restrooms on the tour?
Currently there are two port-o-johns located at the zipline building.

When should I arrive for my tour?
About 30 minutes ahead of your starting time. 

Do you operate tours in the rain?

No, the tour may be interrupted, delayed, or rescheduled at any time due to heavy rain, lightning or high winds. If you are already on the tour, transportation will be sent to remove you from the mountain as soon as possible. After the threat has passed the tours can resume or may be rescheduled. We will normally let you continue on if it is lightly raining with no lightning. If it is raining before your tour begins, we can try to wait until the rain subsides, if not, your tour will be canceled or rescheduled.


What do my guides do?
Your guides are for safety and assistance. You will have 2 primary guides, one in front and one behind. They will fit you with gear, instruct you, and attach and detach you from cables. They watch after you to make your adventure safe. 

Are reservations required? 
Reservations are required. Each one of our tour groups is limited to 10 participants and requires two guides. To enable us to provide you with the best experience, we recommend reservations. If you do not have a reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you on a space available basis if possible. 

How do we get up the mountain?
You are seated in the back of our zipline transportation vehicle equipped with bench seats. 

Is there much walking on the tour?
There is less than 200 feet of walking required for the tour. The Zipline goes from platform to platform. 

Can I ride my ATV, dirt bike, etc. to the zipline?
Yes, but all tours will begin at Evarts Trailhead where you will be fitted with harnesses and given instruction. From this point, all vehicles should be left in the parking area as you will be transported to the first line. The final zipline will bring you back to the parking area.

Do zipline tours begin at Putney Trailhead / Harlan County Campground?
No. All visitors staying at the Putney Trailhead will need to travel to the Office & General Store at Evarts Trailhead to check in for their tour. (From Putney Trailhead, travel Trail 45 (or 46) to Middle Fork, turn left on Trail 20 and then right on Trail 10. This trip can take 30 to 45 minutes. 


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